Thursday, January 17, 2008

(2) BaZi Reading

Four Pillars of Destiny

What is a BaZi reading?

BaZi Reading is by far the most sophisticated and logical ancient Chinese art. It is derived from the I Ching, also known as The Book of Change some 3000 years ago. In simple terms, BaZi means "8 Characters". It is also known as "Four Pillars of Destiny". The 8 Characters are derived from 4 pairs of characters, sometimes called as Si Zhu or 4 Pillars.

BaZi can be thought of as a form of Chinese Astrology. BaZi reading gives an astonishingly accurate portrait of a person's life according to the year, month, day and hour of birth. These Chinese characters yields information about the person's potential and future direction. It reveals personality traits, as well as strengths and weaknesses that may be applied to career choices and major life decision. It also reveals information about social interactions that may be used to enhance personal and career relationships.

BaZi allows us to gain an insight into our lives, our strengths and weaknesses and our potential. It helps us to investigate our own destiny and predict with astounding accuracy our cyclical luck cycles. You can therefore make use of the information to improve your destiny, better your life, relationships, family life and ultimately be the MASTER of Your Own Destiny.

Luck Pillars

"Destiny might be difficult to Change, but Luck can Change".

BaZi enables us to know what kind of luck a person is going to go through or is going through and whether that luck is beneficial or not. In universe, there are 3 kinds of luck enter into the play in our lives - Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Heaven Luck

Refers to what is God given. It is fixed, cannot be changes or controlled by man. Heaven;s will is what decides when we are born, where we born, who is our family, what race we are and what background and upbringing we will have.

Earth Luck

Refers to where a person lives and the Feng Shui of the place that he or she resides or works in. Basically depend on the Qi (living energy) distribution on the Earth. Wearing crystal stones and placing crystal stones able to assist the flow of Qi.

Man Luck

Refers to choices that people make, their morals, their virtues, their beliefs and life decisions. Man Luck is what makes individuals strive to better themselves, it is what positive thinking and motivational coaching is all about.

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