Monday, January 21, 2008

About Us

Grace Choo provides comprehensive Numerology and BaZi Readings that enable you to understand your strength & weakness, your career & relationship destiny. Using Crystal Stones healing to improve your Life Force Energy - Qi to better your luck, shapes, nurtures and governs all living energy surround you.

"We all believe we are special. We all believe we are unique. And we all believe that because we are special and unique, we destined for something". The question is WHAT?

Hurry! contact us now to make an appointment with Grace Choo @98625397 or 67584408, meet her in person to understand your destiny.

Decoding your Destiny Code
  • Characteristics and talents
  • Family relationships with parents and siblings
  • Life with Spouse
  • Children and their well-being
  • The ability to amass, accumulate, manage and/or to save wealth
  • Outcomes of certain actions and decisions in life
  • Physical conditions and common illness
  • Issues that are created
  • Judegement and relationships with community and friends
  • Relationship with superiors and subordinates
  • Working capabilities and career prospects
  • Opportunities to enjoy one's life

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